Mr. Twin Ports Physique, You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do

In January 1980 there was a contest looking for Duluth’s premiere hard-body. It was called Mr. Twin Ports Physique. As far as this photo will tell me, there were at least four contestants, listed from the left, Jason (no last name); Brad Estrom; Ted Shaffer; and Tom Haugen.

But that’s all I’ve got to go on, other than that their bulging muscles look quite impressive despite the awkward posing. Does anyone know any of these men, who the winner was or any details about the contest? Help me out!

1980 News Tribune file photo by Joey McLeister

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  1. Barb

    Tom Haugen did get 2nd place but it was held at the VFW in Duluth MN. I know this because I work with Tom and he also won the contest and took 1st place in 1981 at Lake View Castle in MN

  2. pitstaff12

    The third from the left won (Ted Schafer) I cant confirm the name it has been many years…he is origianlly from Ely. It was held in a bar in Superior. Haugen took second. Edstrom third.

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