Michael Jackson Exposed

Michael Jackson may have never played a concert in Duluth, but he did appear in our newspaper numerous times for various reasons. In life, he was a person who was fascinating to people worldwide. In death, he most likely will be only more so. 

Here’s a look at what the News Tribune archives revealed about the King of Pop.

In 1984, MTV was promoting its world premiere of a one-hour documentary on the making of Jackson’s "Thriller" video, a 14-minute mini-movie directed by John Landis, whose film credits include "American Werewolf in London" and "Animal House." 


Michael Jackson performs in his music video for "Black or White," a track off his "Dangerous" album released in 1991. The video premiered simultaneously in 27 countries and featured some, at the time, risque dance moves.



In 1984, the LJN Toy Company introduced the first official Michael Jackson doll, complete with a sequined glove and socks. It was the first doll likeness approved by Jackson and it cost $13.


Remember this unfortunate 1984 incident? Somehow even I do, although I was a few months shy of 5 years old at the time.

And maybe Jackson did have a Duluth connection after all. A local 12-year-old named Sherry Swanson won tickets to see him in concert in Detroit in 1984. She signed up for the contest at a Duluth Burger King. Anyone know Sherry, or if she enjoyed the show?

Michael Jackson in 1977, clearly before his many facial metamorphoses. Check out that nose. I wonder what he would have looked like without all the plastic surgery?

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  1. Babyrice79

    I just think it’s funny how, back then, they posted the exact street address the person lived. That would never fly today! Just shows you how much times have changed!

  2. girlfromnorthcountry

    I went to school with Sherry!! She was a good friend of mine in those days. I remember her winning tickets and thinking how lucky she was! We were all crazy about MJ back then, kind of like the same age group that is crazy about Hannah Montana is now. What a cool surprise to find this here!

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