Graduations A Quarter-century Ago

June 1984

Graduation ceremonies keep news photographers hopping during the month of June. Here’s a look at commencements around the Twin Ports 25 years ago, in 1984.

Teresa Gomulak looks on as Holly Gilbert adjusts the tassel on Mike Golat’s mortarboard. Golat (far right) in turn fiddles with Holly’s tassel. The group was waiting to enter the main auditorium at Superior Senior High School for graduation exercises. (John Rott / News Tribune) June 7, 1984.

University of Minnesota Duluth home economics education graduate Bea Anderson is joined by her brother, David, and mother, Ione. The Andersons are from the Meadowlands. (Joey McLeister / News Tribune) June 7, 1984.

Jeff Verville buttons up Darren Veith in the boys’ washroom before graduation ceremonies at Duluth East High School. At right is Larry Birkedahl. (Bob King / News Tribune) June 11, 1984.

Randy Ozan and Jay Rodne carry their graduation gowns on their way to baccalaureate ceremonies at Duluth Denfeld High School. (Bob King / News Tribune) June 10, 1984.

Humorist Erma Bombeck delivers the commencement address for the College of St. Scholastica at the Duluth Arena. (Joey McLeister / News Tribune) May 24, 1984.

Jim and Carol Lyle pose with their son Jay for the Duluth Central High School graduation ceremony at the Duluth Arena. (Bob King / News Tribune) June 12, 1984.

Bill Ackerman of Ely and Jane Nickila of Duluth, graduating seniors, laugh at a joke made by Mavis Messelt, and instructor at St. Luke’s School of Nursing. Mary Vnuk (right) coordinator of the school, looks on. (John Rott / News Tribune) June 9, 1984.

3 Responses

  1. Larry M

    They wouldn’t give me a hat. Im still fuming over not getting one.

    Its been 25 yrs. Seems like yesterday.

    Have many fond memories and the school and times.

    Hats off except for me and all the other “Lukies” from the class of 1984.

  2. Patt J.

    Makes me feel old, too. Kathie, I miss the nurse hats and uniforms, although I don’t suppose they do. It was easier to tell who was who in a hospital! Scrubs must be way more comfortable, but I miss the nurse’s uniform like I miss the nun’s habits! (which is a lot.)

  3. Kathie

    WOW….now I really feel my age, after seeing 1984 referred to as a quarter of a century ago. Seems like ‘current events’ to me.
    I wonder if nurses miss having to wear those hats. 😉

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