Central Mini Mall, 1979

December 1979


The Central Mini Mall, seen here in this December 1979 photo, was located at 324 Central Ave. in Spirit Valley in Duluth. (Bob King / News-Tribune)


The Central Mini Mall resided at 324 Central Ave. in Duluth’s Spirit Valley in 1979 and was home to such stores as Jeans Jeans and Heather’s Place.
Today, the building houses Beaner’s Central Concert Coffeehouse, where they sell beans instead of jeans.


Roberta Willoughby straightens wreathes at Heather’s Place. (1979 file / News-Tribune)


Kay Haugland, owner of Jeans Jeans, takes care of jeans on a store rack. (1979 file / News-Tribune)


Kay Haugland holds up a sweater at her store, Jeans Jeans. (1979 file / News-Tribune)

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