West Duluth Question: What Restaurant Was On That Corner?

A reader sent in an e-mail with this question:

I’m trying to remember what was on the corner of Central Ave and Grand Ave where the Holiday gas station now stands. I remember it was a resturant with a drive-in, but I can’t remember what the name of it was. This was pre-McDonalds.

Can anyone out there provide the answer?

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  1. Lee

    I don’t remember what it was but in the late 80’s I remember eating there with my grandma and getting my arm stuck between the booths.

  2. Mike B

    The A&W building was moved there on wheels from 21st Avenue East and London Road where it had stood for decades. Was replaced by a new building as Mr. Steak which is now the Burger King.

  3. west duluthian

    The corner of Grand and Central
    First it was Sterling Motors which sold Ford cars they moved to West End , then it was a Gas station either a Phillip66 or Conoco, when the station closed and the building was torn down the A&W that was located on London Road(I believe)was moved to the West Duluth site and that is when it became a restaurant. 1. A&W ,2.Mr Burger, 3.Morries Restaurant 4.Grand Central Cafe

  4. candy

    i remember in the mid-late 80’s i always seen an Arby’s there. I remember the big sombrarro sign when i would play at memorial park across the street.

  5. Daniel Lund

    Did a little research and this is what I came up with from the reverse phone directories at the Duluth Public Library.

    5434 Grand Avenue:
    1978-1979 A & W
    1979-1982 Mister Burger
    1983-1987 Morries Restaurant
    1988-1990 Grand Central Café
    1991 Vacant until the 2001 then a Holiday Gas Station to present date.

    430 Central Avenue:
    1977-1990 Grand & Central Self Serve Gas Station

    428 Central Avenue:
    1984 McDonald’s Built

  6. Chris

    in the 70’s It was an A&W….my mom worked there when I was a kid. I remember going there with my dad to pick her up.

  7. pcm

    I’m with Nate on this one. Although it was A & W a long time ago, it was a Mr. Burger most recently.

  8. [dec]

    Everyone says I’m crazy, but I swear there was an Arby’s there, or near there. I remember seeing there when I was a kid, it’s a strong memory, but every body says that there was never an Arby’s in Duluth, that is untill recently.

  9. Nate

    It was Mr. Burger in the late 80’s early 90’s, but I’ve been told that it was an A&W at one time.

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