Mythical Aerial Bridge High School, 1985

April 26, 1985

Class at the Mythical Aerial Bridge High School comes to disorder on April 26, 1985, for (from left) Chamber of Commerce ambassador and mythical band director Rod Spearin, Duluth School Board Chairman David Kruell, school district PR official and mythical principal Len Golen, Duluth Superintendent Richard Pearson and, in the background, 17-month-old Dan Bye, son of Duluth City Councilor Meg Bye. Joey McLeister / News-Tribune

In April 1985, organizers planning the following year’s citywide high school reunion faced a dilemma. How, they wondered, can the event include the sizable number of Duluth residents who didn’t graduate from a local high school?

The answer: Create a new Duluth high school and hand out “diplomas” left and right. And so was born the Mythical Aerial Bridge High School.

Here are excerpts from an April 27, 1985 article recounting the previous day’s dedication of the new school at the Aerial Lift Bridge:


By Linda Hanson, News-Tribune staff writer

Sea gulls swooped and screeched, their shadows blinking over the crowd as the ore carrier William J. Delancey glided under Duluth’s newest high school.

"It’s the finest high school Duluth will never see," said School Board Chairman David Kruell at a dedication ceremony Friday for the Mythical Aerial Bridge High School.

The mythical high school will bridge the gap between those who graduated from a Duluth high school and those who wish they had, said Len Golen of the school district’s public relations department.

Diplomas from the mythical school will enable those who didn’t graduate from a Duluth high school to feel more a part of the citywide high school reunion planned for July 1986. Organizers said the reunion could attract up to 30,000 alumni. …

Dan Bye, 17 months, checks out the Mythical Aerial Bridge High School during its dedication ceremony on April 26, 1985. Dan attended with his mom, Meg Bye, a member of the Duluth City Council. Joey McLeister / News-Tribune


District Superintendent Richard Pearson vowed that the school will be the most cost-efficient in the school district.

“The school colors will be silver and blue, the athletic teams will be named the Sea Gulls and the school song will be ‘Harbor Lights,’ ” Pearson said. “The school may become the most popular diploma mill in the country.”

Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce President David Cordeau quipped that it was a good thing Mayor John Fedo wasn’t in town for the school’s dedication.

"If he was, he’d probably run down to the Legislature and ask for $5 million or $6 million for the school," Cordeau said.


In August 1985, about 200 people “graduated” from the school during a ceremony at the Greysolon Plaza Ballroom.

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