Traffic Jam On Miller Trunk Highway, 1979

August 15, 1979

Cars waiting to get in to the Air Show caused a two-lane, mile-long traffic jam on Miller Trunk Highway. (Karl Jaros / News-Tribune)

This view is looking northwest toward the intersection of Miller Trunk Highway and Arrowhead Road. Here is a zoomed-in view:

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  1. jay k

    Ah yes, Lakehead Auto Imports–the VW Dealership, now “Kolar’s Car Kingdom” and The Sunrise Motel, now Menards. No more Attic? Another nail in the DNT Coffin?

  2. Larry

    15 years ago I used to wonder why the Chalet never updated anything. Now when I go there I appreciate the fact that it is the same more every time.

    I remember when the Holiday Gas stations sold cheap bicycles out front. They made Huffy bikes look like Cadillacs.

  3. Tomasz

    I love how the Chalet sign hasn’t changed in 30 years! (which is the only thing I recognize in this photo from the year of my birth)

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