Traffic jam on Miller Trunk Highway, 1979

August 15, 1979

Cars waiting to get in to the Air Show caused a two-lane, mile-long traffic jam on Miller Trunk Highway. (Karl Jaros / News-Tribune)

This view is looking northwest toward the intersection of Miller Trunk Highway and Arrowhead Road. Here is a zoomed-in view:

3 thoughts on “Traffic jam on Miller Trunk Highway, 1979

  1. Ah yes, Lakehead Auto Imports–the VW Dealership, now “Kolar’s Car Kingdom” and The Sunrise Motel, now Menards. No more Attic? Another nail in the DNT Coffin?

  2. 15 years ago I used to wonder why the Chalet never updated anything. Now when I go there I appreciate the fact that it is the same more every time.

    I remember when the Holiday Gas stations sold cheap bicycles out front. They made Huffy bikes look like Cadillacs.

  3. I love how the Chalet sign hasn’t changed in 30 years! (which is the only thing I recognize in this photo from the year of my birth)

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