Kenwood Shopping Center, 1982

December 1982

Kenwood Shopping Center, December 1982 (News-Tribune file photo)

The stores visible in this photo are, from left, _____ Trunk Fine Fabrics, Cavanaugh Interiors, Westman’s, Judith Needlepoint, Town & Country Beauty Salon and Boyce Drug. There is a sign on the far right, out on Kenwood Avenue, that appears to read "Dan’s Pizza."

Here is a closer look at the storefronts:

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  1. Bryan Olson

    Most of these commenters are remembering the later location of Dave’s Pizza. The glory days was when it was in a nook immediately east of the Red Owl store. There was no place to sit down – it was take-out only.

  2. Dean A.

    I grew up in Kenwood in the lat 60’s,early 70’s as well on W. Toledo St. Famous Recipe chicken was actually where the Kenwood Muffler shop is. The oil change was added later. All the kids used to hang out around that shopping center sign with our bikes. There were two teams in the “majors” little league at the field on the corner of Buffalo and Kenwood. Cubs and White Sox I believe. I was on the Cubs, and a local business sponsored each uniform, and mine said “Duffy’s Drive Inn”. Everyone went there to get ice cream, and it had big glass walls so you could see people in there too. Boyce Drugstore had the best candy isle. As a paperboy, our pick up/drop off was at Boyce. Always remember the goodwill drop off bin that was there for years too….

    1. Bob Miller

      I was a paper boy in Kenwood in the mid to late 50’s. It was the largest paper route in Duluth at the time, over 100 customers from Kenwood grade school, east and west of Kenwood Ave all the way to Lyons Street. The Tribune made us give up half of the route as they believed it was too much for one paper boy. I had my sister Pam as my full time helper. The route was 367E, those where good times even though I remember delivering papers in 27 below weather.

  3. Peggy

    That long arcade passageway through Kenwood Shopping center used to have an American Family Insurance office too. It was my first job in 1982. I was so sad when the movie theater closed because it was less than a 2 mile walk from home, so it was easy to get to on our own. Famous recipe chicken was so yummy from the honey in the batter! I am not sure, but I think I remember a fire there that closed them down for a while?

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  5. Kris

    Wow, such great memories! I lived a few blocks away on Artavia St., and used to walk that familiar, well-worn path up to the Kenwood shopping center all the time. My mom shopped at Red Owl, remember seeing Star Wars some 13 times at the movie theater, and ate at Dave’s Pizza every chance I could! We tween girls used to ride our banana-seated bikes to the baseball field across from Toledo Ave. (I think it was) just to giggle, eat Bottle Caps gum and flirt with the super-cute boys. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end. *sigh*

  6. Steph

    In the summer, they used to have some kind of small parking lot fair and I remember riding the ponies hooked up to those walking contraptions.

    Also, let us not forget Ben Franklin’s, down near where the movie theater was.

  7. me

    I worked at Dave’s Pizza from 1979-1982, and there was a chicken place across the street from Dave’s, I think it was Famous Recipe. Dave’s had great pizza and sub sandwiches and hand dipped shakes. It had an eat in area of about 5 booths and a few tables. The video place was not part of it until after 1982.

  8. Roger J.

    I grew up on Toledo st. & we used jump off the roof of the woolworths into the snowbanks.Duffy’s was the big hangout place in the late sixties early seventies! Sitting on the railing by the drugstore. Playing football in the parking lot and basketball in the lot across from Dodge ave. Spikes Skelly was another hangout!

    1. Bob

      What memories. I lived at 121 E. Toledo Street in the mid 50s to the early 60s. I delivered papers in Kenwood and would pick up my papers everyday at 3:30 at the corner of Kenwood and Arrowhead Roads. Also worked at the Red Owl grocery store, it was cold working the parcel pick up in the winter. Good memories for a good time.

    2. Rose S.

      Gosh those were the good ol’days…..that familiar path to and from the shopping center to Toledo St. Boyce Drug. the big open arcade short cut. I remember I took dance lessons in one of the storefronts set up in there…..I was pretty young.

  9. Jennifer

    Wasn’t there a chicken place over by Dave’s Pizza? My mom, husband and I have been trying to remember what it was called, but we cannot figure it out.

  10. Al. J.

    Anyone remember when the old Dave’s Pizza used to be Duffy’s? Somewhere around the 1975 era. I was still in elementary school at the time but I liked just a couple of blocks away from that shopping center.

  11. TToner

    Dave’s Pizza was the best I’ve ever had!
    Happy to hear there is still a shop open at Skyline lines. Old school thin crust and that sauce. Lived in Kenwood, Heights and Congdon Park as a kid, would get a couple frozen to take when I visited Duluth as an adult. Delicious

  12. Dave

    I thought I was the only person who remembered the chicken place, I think it was called “Famous Recipe,” and they claimed it was “Maryland fried chicken,” and they added honey to the batter. It was really good as I recall.

  13. Penny

    Dave’s Pizza was a big treat to me when I was a kid; it had a unique flavor to it. I would love to get my hands on the recipe!!

  14. RS

    I grew up in a house behind the shopping center. There was a path that went up to the back of the shopping center. There was an “arcade” you could walk through to access the front of the shopping center. Inside the arcade was: a doctors office, a Hallmark store, a barber shop, a dry cleaners and Dave’s Pizza. Dave’s later moved to the old Duffy’s Drive-in building and was replaced by a liquor store. The shopping center also had a Woolworth’s store

  15. Patt J

    Rumor has it that when John Holmes was in court (one of the many times, I’m guessing) he showed up wearing a Dave’s Pizza / Kenwood tee shirt. Quite the claim to fame! Great pizza, though. Went there often.

  16. [dec]

    Dave’s & Video Vision both had outside doors, but there was connecting door between them. Dave’s was very small, I remember they had one small table, people usually didn’t eat there. The roof was zig-zag like.

    Anyone remember the fried chicken place that was in with the oil change place? I think it was Famous Recipe Chicken, or just Famous Chicken. I miss both places.

  17. Kathleen

    I vaguely remember a Video Vision in the Dave’s Pizza building but I really remember the liquor store. The guy who ran it was named John and for some reason we called him “Uncle John” (must have gone there a little too often). I also really remember Red Owl as the anchor of this shopping center and the movie theater on the end where Play it Again is located now. I actually learned how to drive in the parking lot because businesses weren’t open on Suday’s and the place was deserted.

  18. Sam

    That is crazy! My dad opened the Play it Again Sports in 89 and only the Dave’s Pizza looks familiar to me.

  19. Steve Miller

    The Pizza sign actually reads, “Dave’s Pizza” We used to get it on friday nights. It was very good pizza!

  20. Ted

    The name of the fabric store was the “Calico Trunk”…my wife used to work there in the 80’s. The pizza place is “Dave’s Pizza”…we used to eat a lot of those pizza’s in the 80’s too 🙂

  21. [dec]

    It was Dave’s Pizza, it also had a Video Vision store in the same building as well. You could get a great pizza & rent a video. When the Video Vision closed the owners of Dave’s tried to expand into the vacant space with what I think was supposed to be some sort of bar as far as I could tell.

    I guess before there was pizza & videos it was a drive-in many years before all that. The building was torn down and replaced with a brand new Sub Way a couple of years ago.

    1. Lorri G.

      Dave’s Pizza-Kenwood opened as a sit-down, dine-in restaurant that also had take-out. The dining room didn’t get much use at all so Petersons parceled it off to become Video Vision and later, a liquor store, if memory serves (I was a Dave’s employee from 1978-84 & rented tons of videos after Mom died in ’92.) It took a good 3 years after leaving Dave’s before I got my senses of smell & taste for the pizza back. <):^D%~

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