KBJR Newscast From 1990

Following up again on the 1975 KBJR newscast from a few weeks back, a News Tribune Attic reader has posted a full-length 1990 KBJR newscast on YouTube (thanks!). It’s in four parts – and you’ll see a few familiar names sprinkled throughout the clips.

I’ve embedded the clips in order below; if they don’t work, go to youtube.com and search for KBJR 1990. Enjoy-

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  1. Steve Karsjen

    Hey, bloggers. So this is where one lands when he Googles himself. What fun it was to go into the archive and see the 1990 TV newscast. I still think highly of my days in Duluth and all the great people there (including our neighbor, Jeff).

  2. Jeff

    I was the Karsjen’s neighbor, and they were from IA. When they left town they moved back to IA to run the family farm out of State Center, Iowa but he could be anywhere by now.

  3. Corey

    That Como Oil commercial right after segment 2 was voiced by current KDAL Morning News Man Dave Walter. I Googled Steve Karsjen and it looks like he’s working for the National Department of Energy. He was a good newsman. In fact, all the news folks on that newscast were quality. It seems like nowadays Duluth gets so many more “rookies” right out of college as reporters. Has the pay-scale gone backwards that much since 1990?

  4. [dec]

    Wow, it’s doesn’t seem like that long ago but it is, the only thing that didn’t feel dated was the Menards commercial!

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