Wow! Video Of Full-length KBJR Newscast From 1975

Well, right after stumbling across the 1992 KDLH newscast clip in the previous post, I did a little more looking around YouTube and found these gems – three long clips that, together, appear to show a nearly complete KBJR-TV newscast from August 1975.

Wow. What a lot of fun watching these – the old newscast style and format, the "Databank" computer graphics, the ads (look out for the "Walking Tall Part 2" movie ad in the second clip), and especially "Talk Back" in the third clip. At the start of the first clip you’ll even discover what "KBJR" stands for, if you didn’t know already.

To "NorthlandSports," the YouTube user who posted these, nice work, and please do share some more clips if you have them.

And, in case you missed it because I bumped it down so quickly, remember the 1992 KDLH newscast clip in the post below.





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  1. Ted

    Does anyone remember when Bob Rich put one of his kids on as the anchor to read the news on channel 6 ? I can’t recall the exact date but it may have been the late 80’s or there about.

    All I remember is that I felt sorry and embarassed for him. He stuttered and stammpered and mis-spoke so much that it was hard to believe they would put him on as anchor at that time.

    I guess blood is truly thicker than water !

  2. Senty7

    “Keeping Business, Jobs, and Recreation…” Nice marketing schtick.

    The real reason, though, was “Bob J. Rich,” the owner.

  3. Linda

    LOL…the wild plaid jackets on the newscasters and reading from PAPER instead of teleprompters.

    Ahhhh…the good ole days!

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