Famous Chicken Debuts, 1982

June 8, 1982

The Duluth Dukes’ mascot, Famous Chicken, clowns for Shawn Simonson, 6, of 5915 Haines Road, on Monday at Wade Stadium during the Dukes’ season opener. The Dukes, who topped Hermantown 13-3 in the game, are having a contest for fans to determine the mascot’s identity. (Bob King / News Tribune)


The Duluth Dukes’ "Famous Chicken" discusses ground rules with umpires Seth Taran (middle) and Tom Kero before making his debut as a mascot Monday night at Wade Stadium. The Duke won’t divulge his identity, leaving it up to fans to guess who he is. (Bob King / News Tribune)


I tried, but could not find the answer to the "Famous Chicken" riddle … does anyone remember who was in the chicken suit?

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  1. Jon W.

    The old Northern league Dukes ended play in 1970. The last version of the Northern League Dukes played from 1993-2002. My guess would be this was some type of town baseball team similar to the Duluth Express and Bayside Vipers.

  2. Andrew

    Not sure… but since the photo caption says it was the season opener, it may have been an exhibition game against a local Legion or high school team.

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