More Presidential Visits To Duluth

In continuing honor of the election, here are a few more photos from more-recent presidential visits to Duluth:

President Clinton shakes hands with Duluth residents at the end of his jog along Skyline Parkway at 40th Avenue West / Haines Road on November 4, 1994. Clinton was in town in support of U.S. Senate candidate Ann Wynia, who ended up losing the election to Republican Rod Grams. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune)


President Clinton waves as he makes his way through the crowd at a rally at UMD on November 4, 1994. (Bob King / News-Tribune)


President Bush reaches into the crowd to shake hands with supporters as he enters a rally at the DECC on July 14, 2004. The president wowed about 8,000 supporters with a 45-minute speech that stuck to his campaign’s basic mantra of "America: Safer, Stronger Better" since he took office nearly four years ago. (Amanda Odeski / News Tribune)


President Bush addresses the crowd during a rally at the DECC on July 14, 2004. (Derek Neas / News Tribune)

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  1. Carter was here in the fall of 1978 campaigning for Democrats in what was the mid-term election of his administration. That election didn’t go well for Democrats; just about everybody on stage at the DECC’s Symphony Hall that night lost their election and re-election bids. I was part of the press corps. It went worse for Carter two years later when he was defeated by Reagan. Don’t blame me, I voted for Carter. In 1972 I even voted for McGovern, who has been in the news lately. Been left-handed since birth.

  2. Michael J.

    Andrew – Any pics from Jimmy Carter’s visit in 1979 or early 1980. We were in a big crowd along Rice Lake Road by the Chris Jensen nursing home – only remember his smiling teeth-grin waving from the limo. Sen. Edward Kennedy was in town during that same time (1980) and they followed the same route -obviously stomping for the ’80 election.

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