Duluth Day At Glass Block, 1950s


The limited caption info on the back of this photo indicates that it shows Duluth Day at the Glass Block on Oct. 24 (year unknown, but it looks like it might be the 1950s).

Does anyone know if Duluth Day was an annual event at Glass Block?

Here is a close-up view of part of the photo:

At the time, Glass Block was advertising its Christmas layaway program:

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  1. kathleen cayo anderson

    Remember going to my dad’s office and going to Gustafson bakery and going Cato dental lab and riding home

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  4. Don Hietala

    The picture is from the late 60’s or very early 70’s. That’s when they move the cosmetics department with that slightly curved wall.

  5. John Ebeling

    One Christmas in 1950 I worked in the toy dept. I stocked toys from their sub-basement, which was very hot, bringing them up to the toy dept. Glass Block also had a warehouse located on the south side of Michigan Street, which, as I recall, was between 2nd & 3rd Ave’s west. That was quite a job.

  6. Cindy

    Your pictures and the few comments bring back such memories of dressing up in our best clothes to go Downtown shopping. I can still remember the smells of the perfumes and the care given by the salespeople. The mezzanine, the little lady on the elevator announcing the floors and the different departments located on each. The coffee shop in the lower level. That was a shopping experience you will never find again. Duluth lost a lot when the Downtown moved out to the Mall.

  7. Shirley Norgren Backstrom

    WOW! I worked the cosmetic Dept was the REVOLON Rep in the early 50’s lots of good memories worked many Holidays after I was married.

  8. Jim

    It seems once the Miller Hill Mall opened–good old downtown Duluth declined and was never nor will it ever be the same!!!

  9. Patt J

    That was one busy store! It looks like Target on the day after Thanksgiving. I often wonder if I know any of the people in these photos…

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