Jeno’s Snack Logs And Snack Trays, 1970


The caption on this photo says it shows "unique new products" in Jeno’s hot snack product line. Given their prominence in the photo, the new products must be Snack Trays and Snack Logs:

Does anyone remember these products?

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  1. Dan Thomas

    i remember the snack trays, they were amazing. It’s a shame Jeno’s basically vanished. Today’s bagel bites do not compare to these as the crust was actual pizza crust. Jeno’s used to also make snack size pizzas and a bigger one that came with a seasoning packet. Really miss these, specially the tray and the snack sized ones.

  2. Tony

    I remember Jeno’s Snack Tray quite well. They were similar to today’s Bagel Bites. They came three flavors on a single tray — 5 each of cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. My mom would sometimes make them for me for lunch. She used the oven timer to have them ready for when I came home for lunch at 11:30 when she wasn’t home.

    I think Jeno was ahead of his time. The Snack Tray and Snack Logs must not have been big hits in the 1970s, but eventually they were resurrected as Bagel Bites and Hot Pockets.

  3. LaVonne Johnson Brown

    I was 9-11 then n loved the squares we had at school. Do not remember the logs. Sound delish! Still crave my Jenos …..oh, I mean totinos!!!!!

  4. Marsha Kelly

    I worked for Jeno’s ad agency (JFP & Assoc) from 1971 to 1974, and wrote commercials for Jeno’s products including the Snack Tray and Pizza Rolls. Employees of his companies were able to buy product at very low cost at the company store, and I well remember buying Snack Trays and Pizza Rolls in huge quantities for virtually nothing. Those were the days!

  5. Barryn

    I remember both products very well. I worked at Jeno’s part-time from 1968 to 1971 while going to school at DAVTI. (Anyone remember that acronym?). I actually made the dough “skin” for the logs. The fresh-off-the line-pizza logs were excellent – especially for a young guy coming to work after going to school and starving all day. They were actually just very large pizza rolls with different fillings such as fish and chips and reubens. Both were very good.

  6. Carol

    Worked there in 1972. Don’t remember the snack logs but they were still making the snack trays. Really takes me back.

  7. Patt J

    You gotta give the guy credit for coming out with some amazing stuff. But I wonder who thought “Snack Logs” might be a good name?

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