Captain’s Table, 1959

Following up on the discussion on a previous post about the Medical Arts Building, here is more on the Captain’s Table cafeteria:

Aug. 4, 1959

View of the new Captain’s Table cafeteria in the Medical Arts Building. (Duluth Herald photo)


The Garbers were the first to hold the catering contract at the Duluth Arena-Auditorium when it opened in 1966; an article at that time said they also operated cafeterias in the Northern City National Bank and First American National Bank. The Captain’s Table closed in 1972:

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  1. John

    My Grandmother used to take me to the Captain Table in the late 50’s, all the food and chocolate milk a kid could eat and drink. Threw up on Superior St right after leaving.

  2. Greg tofte

    Our family grew up on the north shore and I remember going to Duluth with our whole family ( 9 kids ) and eating at the Captains Table. One of the highlights as a young man from the bush. I remember Henrys Hamburgers as well …19 cents each.

  3. Cindy Simpson

    I have had for MANY years and I don’t know how I got it, a card, business size, from Captain’s Table, Duluth, which has , on one side “Lessons from Lincoln” enumerating his failures and defeats from 1931 to being elected President in 1860, and on the other side the longish quote from Teddy Roosevelt about those who struggle on vs those timid souls who don’t. It’s a great, vintage piece of ephemera and an inspiration! Anybody else got one? 7/12/11

  4. Bob Anttila

    I was a young 22-year-old in 1959, and the Assistant Manager at the Captain’s Table when it changed from Miller’s Cafeteria to the Captain’s Table. It was a great experience and the Captain’s Table served very good basic simple meals at reasonable prices. The people who worked there were the greatest and I have many fine memories from those days.

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