MacLaine Stumps For McGovern, 1972

Sept. 28, 1972

Actress Shirley MacLaine (second from left), campaigning for Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern, talks with Duluthians (from left) Aethan Hart, Kris Hendrickson and Colin Isaacson at the Auditorium. (News-Tribune photo)

According to the article that ran with this photo, MacLaine also spoke to shoppers at Goldfine’s By The Bridge during her stop in Duluth to support McGovern in his run against President Nixon. Here are some excerpts:

"Her charge that the Nixon presidency is the most corrupt since Warren G. Harding drew applause at both stops. Miss MacLaine said she is proud to be an American, a woman, a Democrat and a backer of McGovern – but that under Nixon she feels that the United States has gained a bad name with other nations. …

"Miss MacLaine took time to praise the environment of Duluth but sniped at Jeno Paulucci, a well-known local Democrat who is supporting Nixon for president and is co-chairman of Democrats for Nixon. …

"Miss MacLaine was introduced by state Sen. Earl Gustafson at Goldfine’s and by Minnesota Lt. Gov. Rudy Perpich at the reception. Duluth singer Chris Blanchard entertained the crowds at both locations before the actress spoke."

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  1. Bruce

    can’t believe they use to let ya smoke on the bus. love the old cars and Glass Block. Aethan looks like a hippy. lol

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