Dugar Music Co. And The Kasbar, 1961

November or December 1961

This photo from late fall or early winter 1961 doesn’t have a caption, but it shows the Dugar Music Co. store and the Kasbar, which were located in the 200 block of West Superior Street in downtown Duluth.

I don’t have any more information about the music store, but I found some interesting details based on the poster outside the Kasbar:

The poster is advertising the Dec. 4, 1961, closed-circuit telecast of a heavyweight boxing title bout between Floyd Patterson and "Irish" Tom McNeeley, as well as a second bout between Sonny Liston and Albert Westphal.

The fights – Patterson-McNeeley in Toronto, and Liston-Westphal in Philiadelphia – were to be "shown in about 150 theatres and arenas in the United States and Canada," according to a pre-fight article in the Duluth Herald, which called the telecast "a first in boxing."

In Duluth, the fights were shown at the Armory; tickets to the telecast were sold at the Kasbar.

Here is a link to a full-color image of the same poster (except for the local reference at the top): http://www.josportsinc.com/catalog/view.php?id=10182

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Patterson knocked out McNeeley in the fourth round, and Liston knocked out Westphal in the first round.

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  2. Sandra Dugar

    This music store was my fathers and grandfathers. He was killed by a drunk driver in 1962. You may find some news about that, on Robert Emerson Dugar. He was a musician in Duluth and had a orchestra. Maybe I will find some old pictures for you.
    I sure miss Duluth and plan to make a visit soon.

    If anyone has anymore info on Robert Dugar please email me : ms.sandraven@yahoo.com

  3. Mike

    Looking closely at the Kasbar sign it says, “Sammy Gallop’s” Kasbar. I beleive he was a local fight promoter in his day besides running the lounge, and may have been involved in bringing the closed circuit broadcasts to Duluth.

    1. Jo Ann

      My grandfather Joseph H Gallop was also a promoter and referee in Duluth and taught Sammy Gallop the business……the 2 were very close as a nephew and uncle should be

  4. Ronald Vukelich

    I enjoy the various articles you have published in your paper. I would like to look for some articles in the 50’s, could you advise me how I go about it.

  5. Maurice D

    I was sailor on Swiss ship in 1963 and i have a pleasent reccord about Kasbar; good musik,nice girls, good beers.Another detail still in my mind:the WC had no door at this time and this situation was srange for me.I remember also Pal’s bar, near the harbour,is it still exist also?

  6. Jim M

    I heard that this building (the old Duluth Herald building)had a fire that gutted the place around 1959-1960. Could this have been the renovation?

  7. Chris

    Kasbar must be RT Quinlans now. In fact if you go there you can probably smell the same cigarette smoke Dennis was talking about.

  8. Pam

    Spent many Friday-Saturday nites at the Kasbar in the 60’s. My roommates and I would hang out, dance and have a few cocktails. It was probably the first bar I hung out in as a regular besides the Cove in Suoerior. Those years are kind of a blur……

  9. Dennis M. INT'L FALLS

    The Kasbar was a great place to hangout in my college days.Lots of smoke in the air,LOUD music and cheap beer. There was also another music venue half-way down the stairs that played folk music the name of which excapes me. The KB is still there, only under another name = right across from the Holiday Inn.

  10. Patt J

    Mark Knopfler wrote “A Song for Sonny Liston,” which may or may not be connected with this story. Just thought I’d put it out there since you mentioned him.

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