Guppy’s Drive-In, 1964


Here is another uncaptioned photo of a drive-in restaurant from the News Tribune Attic. This time it’s a shot of Guppy’s Drive-In from 1964. Does anyone know where Guppy’s was located?

Next door (on the left of the photo above, shown in detail below) was Rangeway Marine and a Standard gas station.

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  1. Skipp LaJoy

    Piggybacking on my previous comment, my grandparents owned the Pike Lake Roller Rink, my Great Grandpa Cub LaJoy built it first as LaJoy’s Atlantic City Beach as a dance pavillion and swimming resort. I have photos of Atlantic City Beach however, I am looking for any old photos of the roller rink from the 1960s or 1970s. Preferably the exterior but I would enjoy seeing anything inside or outside and from any era, I was quite young and my memory is a bit foggy, I recall the exterior was of half log siding on the beach house end where you entered the rink. I remember you went to the right then took a left to get to the cashier. The concessions were to the left I think and the pinball machines would have been behind you when you faced the concessions. I remember coming out at night after hours of skating with my younger brother and our aunt Merchon and watching fire flies and listening to the crickets. I can still recall hearing the music (from the record player) as we walked back to the house up by the road at the intersection of Pike Lake Road and Martin Road. If any of you former skaters or locals have any photos to share I sure would appreciate it, much of what my grandpa had was destroyed in a fire back in 1997. Thanks, Skipp

  2. Lorrie Comfort Carlson

    I grew up at Pike Lake.. We were so excited when they opened Guppys because we finally had a place to go like the more advanced “downtown” kids. I lived next to Cubs Roller Rink. We would roller skate then go to Guppys after and hang out. Millard and Ferris LaJoy owned Cubs. They were like family to me and my sisters. I sure miss those fantastic days of past when we did things like roller skating, walking, riding bikes, swimming, etc… It’s too bad that kids now don’t know the joy we had back then.

    1. Skipp LaJoy

      I enjoyed reading your comment. I am the grandson of Millard and Ferris LaJoy and I live down near Mpls. I had the privilege of learning to roller skate at their rink and would visit for about two weeks each summer until they sold the place on a contract for deed about 1979 or so. After a few years the buyers defaulted on the contract and the property went back to Millard. Ferris died in 1983 but Millard just celebrated his 100th birthday Feb 7 2013! He still lives on the property at Pike Lake and is doing quite well, he plays banjo at local nursing homes and even still drives his car!
      I have great memories of Pike Lake, and the area.

      1. Lorrie

        I just happened to look this up, and see your comment made over a year ago! If your Millard’s grandson, who is your parent, Hartley or Merchon?? I know people that have seen Millard at the Mall here. I knew he had turned 100 and that he still lives up there, in the apartments, I believe. Could you please do me a favor if you see him? Tell him Lorrie Comfort sends her love! He has known me since I was a little girl! He was almost like a father to me!! I would LOVE to run into him some time!

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  6. Barry

    Worked there from the time I was 14 until I was 19 (1977 – 1983). During that time the building was added onto around the A frame, to provide indoor seating. It was seasonal place even after tha addition, usually closing down for the winter in late Oct and opening back up in the spring. Had some great times working there. The owner at that time (Pete) was a lot of fun to work for.

  7. Nate

    I recognize the Guppy’s A-Frame style building, I think the building is still there, isn’t it? The Rangeway Marine building looks like what is now Fisherman’s Corner.

  8. Gilderman

    My mom grew up on Seville Road behind Paulson’s Super Valu and we used to go there when I was a kid – which means that was at least 1977. I think it stayed open until the mid ’80s. I remember wanting to go there, so it must’ve been good.

  9. Kelly B

    Yup, I remember Guppy’s on 53, almost next to where the Pike Lake Holiday Gas station is now. My friend’s family had a cabin on Caribou Lake and we used to go to Guppy’s for onion rings or fries after roller skating at the Pike Lake Roller rink.

  10. Luke

    i remember guppys being just east of midway rd on high way 53. Pike lake area… exactly what he said.. Shakes Malts and Onion Rings… how i miss those rings…

  11. Gilderman

    I can’t believe I know this, but Guppy’s was located in Hermantown by where the Fisherman’s Corner is now located.

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