Henry’s Hamburgers, 1961

Oct. 31, 1961

Henry’s Hamburgers, 2534 London Road (News-Tribune photo)

As indicated by the sign atop the facade, the specialty of this restaurant – also known as Henry’s Drive-In, and located about where the London Road Perkin’s restaurant is today – was 15-cent hamburgers. Having that figure in the sign must have made the owners think twice before raising prices.

Some of the staff were looking out when the photo was taken:

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15 thoughts on “Henry’s Hamburgers, 1961

  1. I remember this as being closer to the old Lemon Drop restaurant but I haven’t lived in Duluth since 1978 so I may be a little cloudy on that……that is assuming that the Perkins Restaurant is still across from the Curling Club right? Heck I bet the Curling Club is probably gone as well!

    • The Curling Club burned down years ago; the Perkins Restaurant has moved up London Road to near 26th Avenue East, and its former home has just been sold to the group trying to restore the Armory next door.

    • I think there were 2 in Duluth, 1 on west superior st about a block west of Nicks and on the north side and one on London rd. About where Super America is on the south side of the street

  2. Henry’s Hamburgers was my first job! I think I got 50cents/hr? It was the summer between my sophomore + junior high school years. . 1965-ish. What a great memory! Thanks for the snapshot

  3. I grew up in Minneapolis, but when I was a kid, our family would vacation on the North Shore for a few days every summer. My dad was an attorney and he had something to do with Henry’s, or represented them or something. I never really knew. What I do know, however, is that he claimed he was owed money that he never received. My sister and I were expected to roll down the car window and give the restaurant the Bronx cheer as we drove by. Just at that Henry’s…none of the Twin Cities franchises. Again, I really don’t know why, but it was a London Road tradition that my sister and I always enjoyed!

  4. It was located right where I-35 meets London Road now. I worked there for maybe 18 months in 69-70. We used to walk down to the lake shore and jump in after work.

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