Top Records In Duluth, 1977

Nov. 12, 1977

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  1. As a former D.J. at KAOH-FM, or “KO-95” as we touted it, I helped put that weekly list together along with the Program Manager, Paul (forget his last name, nice guy, reddish business cut hair). The station was purchased earlier by a broadcasting group based in Michigan and brought a music format that was getting hot in other parts of the country. It was a country-rock type format and I remember the newly imported Michigan General Manager (Nick) telling us we’d like it and that it was less ‘twangy’ than your normal country station. “Less Twang, More Bang” he called it. I was “Morning Man” for a couple years and one of our best promotions was “Rainy Days & Mondays”, after the popular song on the air around that time. If it rained during my 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM show, I gave away a dozen roses to a random Request Line caller. We used to go over to the Jolly Fisher, across the street from the Bradley Building after work for cocktails and app’s. Good memories!

    1. daler218

      The Program Manager was Paul Swanoski (aka “Paul Roberts”). I worked afternoons in that era, perhaps a few months before your tenure there, ’cause I don’t remember the promotions you mention.
      Other notables were Steve Anthony and Tom Oakes.
      Fun times, but Ramen Noodles pay.
      I’m guessing that much hasn’t changed in Duluth radio.

  2. llinmpls

    Whiskey River was around in the previous Duluth hey-day. They played at Williams Pub on London Rd numerous times, along with a lot of other bands that came up from the Twin Cities.

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