A Tour Of J.C. Penney In 1973, Part 1

July 1973

I found a file of photos of various departments at the J.C. Penney store at Miller Hill Mall from 1973. There are seven total – I’ll break them into two batches. Here is the first:

From the hard-to-read handwriting, my best guess at the names of these two clerks standing in the women’s clothing department are Mrs. Eloise Austin (sportswear, left) and Mrs. Jennie Price (dresses, right).


The main aisle through housewares.


Larry Hoyt mans the camera counter. It looks like he is showing a telescope to a customer in this photo. At left, the projection screens are selling for $10.99, $20.79 and $25.29. To their left, a "Harwood Electra" – some kind of folding tray/table with an electric cord attached – is selling for $14.29.

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  1. Dean A.

    I actually started working at this store in 1975, first as a dishwasher in the coffee shop, and then as a stock clerk/customer pick up. They had a full furniture and appliance section upstairs too. Visted all the clerks, delivered bags and picked up hangers, brought things down to load in customers cars that usually were too big for the vehicle, and basically had one heck of a good time working there…

  2. Bonnie Stritzel

    Do you remember the Eddie Williams show in the 1950’s? Would you have any information on that part of the history of Duluth?

  3. Patt Jackson

    The first thing that strikes me about the clothing department is how spacious it looks. Unlike today’s store, you could actually walk around the racks without knocking things to the floor. Oh, life must have been much simpler in ’73!

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