Moving Endion Depot, 1986

June 25, 1986

The old Endion Depot slowly moves west down London Road on June 25, 1986, en route from its original site at the foot of 15th Avenue East to Canal Park. (John Rott / News-Tribune)

Endion Depot was built by the Duluth & Iron Range Railroad in 1899, in a Romanesque design using Kettle River sandstone, according to a Duluth Herald article from 1980. At the peak of rail passenger traffic, six trains arrived and departed each day. Passenger service to the depot ended on July 15, 1961; the depot was used for freight until 1978.

With the eastward extension of Interstate 35 slated to run right across the site of the depot, it was moved in 1986. Here is the story:

The Endion Depot still stands along the Lakewalk on the edge of Canal Park, though it’s a bit isolated. It housed the Midnight Sun outdoor sports shop until that store closed a few months ago. Here are two more photos of the depot:

Calvary Construction workers cover the Endion Depot with cribbing on May 9, 1986, in preparation for its move. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune)


Endion Depot, Dec. 6, 1974. (Duluth Herald photo)