Miller Trunk Corridor, 1979

May 1979

Miller Hill Mall and the Miller Trunk Corridor, May 1979 (Chris Mattison / News-Tribune)

In this view, the Miller Hill Mall is anchored by Montgomery Ward (lower right of the mall), Glass Block (lower left) and – in the same spot it occupies today – J.C. Penney (upper left).

Looking beyond the mall, the Target store is visible. Beyond that, there’s not much else.

Next to Target, on the site of today’s Best Buy and Super One Foods, there are tons of trailer homes (see detail photo below). Was this a mobile home park, or maybe a mobile home dealer?

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3 thoughts on “Miller Trunk Corridor, 1979

  1. That was a mobile home park. My friends lived in the first trailer at the top of the drive directly behind the store.

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