Taking Down The Hotel Duluth Sign, 1980

February 26, 1980

Tom Kolb of Cloquet and Ray Campbell of Pike Lake take down the Hotel Duluth sign from the roof the building. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune)

The Hotel Duluth sign – a bright nighttime landmark in Duluth – was removed as the building was converted into apartments – it’s now known as Greysolon Plaza.

In its day, the Hotel Duluth hosted many dignitaries – including President Kennedy, as noted in a previous post. Here are two more shots of the hotel:

The Hotel Duluth, May 1974


Even the sign atop Hotel Duluth has a sense of humor on this cold September morning (Sept. 14, 1979). There was frost forecast for outlying areas and certainly not the heat wave indicated by the neon lights above the Black Bear Lounge, where the bear’s coat made him the only warm body on Superior Street. (Bob King / News-Tribune)

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  1. Joyce M. Blodgett

    My father, John F. Blodgett, was an ironworker/welder. He was called upon one time to help repair the Hotel Duluth sign. Someone came into the shop looking for him. My Mother, the bookkeeper, led him outside the the door and pointed up to the sign. The man got dizzy watching. My brother and I were fascinated.

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