Snowboarding’s Early Days, 1986

March 6, 1986

Jeff Tollefson of Duluth and his Burton snowboard at Chester Bowl, March 6, 1986. (Bob King / News Tribune)

Snowboarding is a hugely popular winter sport today, but it wasn’t always that way. In March 1986, the photo above ran with an article (see below) that addressed the wariness of some ski hills in allowing snowboarders on the slopes. Look for the quote from the then-general manager of Spirit Mountain on the prospect of snowboarders using that facility. I wonder what he thinks today?

Jeff Tollefson of Duluth flies up and over a snow ramp while snowboarding at Chester Bowl on March 6, 1986. (Bob King / News Tribune)

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  1. Stumbled across this article. I remember the mid/late 90s and tom storm copping an attitude because we were riding snowboards. Great to see they embrace it these days. (I appreciate all that tom has done but he really was a jerk to some kids just having fun)

  2. Dan Lund

    Jeff rocked, he was always the first in Duluth to do crazy stuff. He also was one of the first to to tricks on a Bmx bikes. He built my first bike and taught me some tricks too. Go figure that he’d start this trend in Duluth.

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