Crowds Outside Glass Block, 1969

November 1969

Other than the date – November 1969 – this photo is uncaptioned. Obviously, it shows the Glass Block department store, which was located at the corner of Second Avenue West and Superior Street in downtown Duluth. What’s missing is if this was a special occasion, or just a photo of everyday business and shopping in the weeks before Christmas.

To the left of Glass Block, a number of other storefronts are visible. The first five heading to the left are a shoe store (Baker’s? – the sign is partially covered), Lee Fabrics, Jupiter (anyone know what this store sold?), Woolworth’s and a store with a sign that appears to read "Three Sisters" (I may be wrong). Does anyone want to add in some information or memories from any of those stores?

Below is one more photo of Superior Street in downtown Duluth, also from November 1969:

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  1. David

    Jupiter was a very small, little-known subsidiary of K-Mart. Kresge stores were also a subsidiary of Kmart, but the Kresge chain was much, much larger and well-known; Jupiter stores were considered to be very ‘no frills’ versions of Kresge stores. They were fairly small and usually in strip malls. Kmart closed the Jupiter stores in the late 1970s. I remember we shopped quite a bit at the Jupiter store in the Mapletown Shopping Center in Maple Heights (Cleveland), Ohio. Baker’s was a shoe store chain (at least it was in the Cleveland, Ohio area). We also had a large Three Sisters clothing store (for women) in downtown Cleveland.

  2. I was just looking at the Glass Block pictures and the memories flooded in. I can remember that store so well, from the ladies lounge to the wonderful coffee shop. I used to love to be downtown as a teen and a young adult. I thought Jupiter and Woolworths were the coolest stores in town. I bought alot of clothes at Three Sisters, when in later years if memory serves me, was called The Pant Shack. How I long for those simpler times.

  3. Nancy

    Loved the Three Sisters store, got my 1st Communion dress there.
    Glass Block was a wonderful store with its heavy glass revolving door.

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  9. Kathie

    Glass Block Coffee shop had the absolute best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten. It’s the first place I ever tried a Schaum torte too.
    When we cleaned out my gram’s house several years ago, she had some sets of sheets, still in the wrappers from Jupiter.
    Three Sisters was awesome. That’s where I saw Gold flatware for the first time. I have no idea what it was doing there, since it was a clothing store. I bought my dress for the 9th grade dance there.
    Wow, that was one of the best pics in the files, as far as bringing back memories. Thanks

  10. Marion

    From the look of the crowd, and the traffic cop and the loaded sidewalk going down the street, I would guess that the Fall Fwstival Parade was going to take place.
    I met my husband in the Bakers Shoe Store window.

  11. Marcia Hron

    Oh, what wonderful photos! This is the bustling “Downtown Duluth” of my childhood! As a resident of Aitkin, I would take the silver passenger train to Duluth in the a.m., walk from the Duluth Depot up to Superior Street to spend the day shopping. Happily burdened with packages and hopefully, a new book to read, I would catch the “Silver Streak” for my return trip to Aitkin in the early evening. One of my fondest memories is one Christmas Season as I stood at the top of the marble stairway in Woolworths, gazing down at the “ocean” of people descending and ascending the stairway . . . wonderful days, wonderful adventures. Thanks Andrew! Thanks Duluth!

  12. Andrew

    Thanks for the all the information and memories you shared about Glass Block and the other stores. (I’m glad to see that my guess of “Three Sisters” was correct – maybe my eyesight is better than I thought!)

  13. Patt Jackson

    How wonderful to see Glass Block again. It was a perfect department store: everything from shoes and clothes to appliances to perfume to stationery; a shoe repair shop, a beauty salon and a convenient meeting place coffee shop. Who could forget their huge women’s lounge, banked with a line of telephone booths for private calls? One of my favorite stores ever! I’m guessing the traffic was an everyday occurence, since these were pre-mall days, and everyone shopped downtown.

    Baker’s Shoes was a popular spot for shoes and (my favorite) decorative shoe clips, which sold for about $1. Jupiter was a dime store similar to Kresge’s; a sort of low-scale Woolworths. They sold the usual dime-store fare: cosmetics, magazines, some clothing, household goods. They had a “bargain basement,” too, but I don’t think the store lasted very long.

    Teenage girls loved Three Sisters! They had fabulous clothing (lots of prom dresses were bought there) and their spacious entryway was a good place to wait for the bus to take you home. (Same with Glass Block. Most old-timers will remember the crowds inside the glass doors year-round, waiting for buses.)

    Great photos, great memories. Thanks!

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