Driver’s ed at Central High, 1971

June 22, 1971

Don Boudreau, assistant director of driving classes, directs students by walkie-talkie during a driver’s education class at the (new) Central High School in Duluth. (Duluth Herald photo)

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4 thoughts on “Driver’s ed at Central High, 1971

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  2. Don Bourdeau was also a Phys Ed teacher and hockey coach at East High School at the time. The driver’s training traffic simulation course pictured was previously at the DECC parking lot. We would drive at 6 miles an hour around turns and straight-aways practicing our turn signals while he “instructed us” on his walkie-talkie through the car radios. (Kind of a proto-Mr. Microphone.) The best part was speeding up to a breakneck 10 MPH when he had his back turned. The best day was when a fellow student stole his mom’s car to get to Driver’s Ed since he’d missed the bus. We never saw him again.

  3. Andrew, You are doing a great job with a wide variety of material..I enjoy the good old days, stories and photo’s Thanks!

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