Comic Books At Granada News

April 21, 1982

Ed Kleiman, owner of Granada News, stocks shelves of comic books. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune)

A News-Tribune assessment of the local comic book scene in the spring of 1982 included the photos that accompany this post. The photos were taken at Granada News, 15 W. Superior St. Other comic book hot spots, reported the News-Tribune, were the Book Nook, 23 N. First Ave. W, and Globe News in Superior.

Titles on the racks of Granada News in these photos include: ROM SpaceKnight, Star Wars, Team America, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Conan, Jonah Hex, X-Men, Thor, Dazzler, Captain America, The Defenders and Power Man and Iron Fist.

Ed Kleiman, owner of Granada News, offered this comic book outlook:

"When the Hulk was big on TV a couple of years ago we’d sell 50 to 70 of him a month. Now he’s way down. Same with Iron Man. Lately it’s Daredevil and X-Men – we sell about 70 of each a month."

Teen Titans was poised to start selling big, Kleiman said.

Comic books line the racks at Granada News in downtown Duluth. (Charles Curtis / News-Tribune)

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  1. Joyce Blodgett

    I remember the Granada News from the 50s and 60s. We would go in there with enough money for one comic book. We probably drove the owner nuts, sitting on the edge of the wooden floor rack of comic books, carefully going over each book until we selected the “best” one to buy.

  2. Baron Von Raschke's #1 Fan

    They always had a wide variety of wrestling magazines there that you couldn’t find anywhere else in town.

  3. Patt Jackson

    A friend used to collect Harlequin romances (I am embarrassed to say) and I once directed her to Flemings Used Books, where she was “in heaven” for about 3 hours. I miss that little store!


    Hey….EDDIE! I worked for Granada News for several years, until the place closed down. Nice to see the old photo. Brother Joel still sells real estate in town, and (last I heard) brother Sid was still in the Portland area. Coworkers I can remember are Dick Newkament, Richard Simmons (yes, he took a lot of crap for that), Linda Stewart (now known as Phoenix), and Roger Peterson, with whom I am still in contact. It was at Granada News that I met Barry Manilow, and where my friend would remind me that former TV Weatherman Jack McKenna would refer to me as “boy”. Many wonderful memories….thank you. How’s about an article on the former Flemings Used Book, that was located just west of the Public Library (when it was on West 2nd street)?

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