Past Years’ Deer Were Smart, Too

The deer hanging out around the rail yards in Duluth this winter, safe from predators and with easy access to grain spilled from railcars, aren’t the first to have had the idea:

Feb. 25, 1997: About 20 white-tailed deer mill around the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail yards in Superior earlier this week. The deer are feeding on spilled grain from train cars. They have been there for most of the winter, rail officials said. (Charles Curtis / News Tribune)

Feb. 17, 1997: Two white-tailed deer stroll across the ice on St. Louis Bay on Monday afternoon, with the Bong Bridge in the background. The deer started their venture near the WLSSD plant and were last seen heading toward the Blatnik Bridge. Some deer have been seen recently feeding at Twin Ports grain elevators along the frozen bay. (Charles Curtis / News Tribune)