America’s Most Unusual Service Stations

April 1981

Holiday gas station / convenience store, Grand Avenue at 34th Avenue West – near Wheeler Field. Price of gas: $1.28.

This picture was taken because the gas tanks at this station had been leaking, and were recently repaired. The station later closed and has sat vacant and boarded up for some time.

The title of this entry is the slogan on the store’s facade – "America’s Most Unusual Service Stations." I don’t remember that as part of any ad campaign … does it ring a bell for anyone out there?

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  1. DuWayne

    Full service bumper to bumper. Stamps you saved towards items in the store. My dad bought me my first bike, the Holiday Dragster. Coolest bike in the neighborhood. It had the tall “sissy bar”, slick for a rear tire and a cool dragster logo on the chain guard. Everyone wanted to ride it around the school doing hot laps. Our neighbor was a gas attendant there. Sure miss that Holiday gas station.

  2. Jeff

    The Holiday stations used “most unusual” as a slogan because they were one of the first to sell a variety of goods besides gas.
    I don’t recall them doing any mechanical work on cars.
    They were kind of the first “conveniece”stores of the area.

  3. Jim

    They used to have their own Holiday brand of soda as well. The cans had a polka dot design colored according to flavor. Unlike being opened with a can opener, they had these two round tabs that you pushed in with your thumbs that cut them every time.

  4. Andrew

    When I scanned in the photo I saw a bunch of bikes out front… I wondered if school had just let out and a bunch of kids were in buying candy, but they must have been on display for sale. Thanks for the info.

  5. Barrett

    Probably a year or two before that photo was taken, I got my first bike from that Holiday gas station. You could buy anything at Holiday in those days: bikes, firearms, you name it.

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