Wiener King And The Pop Shoppe

Central Entrance, June 1977

It looks like this is a view west from about Blackman Avenue – but since I’m relatively new to Duluth, please correct me if I’m wrong…

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  1. Ralph

    I was given 2 bottles of it last week. One Root Beer and one Black Cherry. It’s the best soda I’ve ever had, and I’m over 65.
    I’m in Knoxville, Tennessee and I’d like to know where that case of soda came from so I can buy every flavor they make.
    I tried looking for a retailer in this area but that part of the site could not respond.

  2. Tom

    I worked at the Pop Shoppe on Central Entrance as a cashier after school and on weekends from about 1976-1978. Creme Soda was my favorite!

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  4. [dec]

    I don’t remember Wiener King, I was about 16 months old at the time of the Photo. I’ve heard of the Pop Shoppe & that it was pretty cool, like a whole bunch of different flavors of soda pop. The Fish & Chips place I vaguely remember, though I do remember that the drive-thru menu was still around a few years ago.


    The Wiener Kink: is now Pooch Paradise, a pet grooming place, I remember it being vacant for the longest time before that.

    The Pop Shoppe: was Pro Print & First Photo for as long as I can remember, Pro Print just moved not too long ago & I think First Photo closed. I got my Canon AE-1 Camera for my High School Photocopy class there.

    Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips: It didn’t seem to hold any businesses for too long, one I remember most was a recruitment center for one of the armed forces. Now it’s a bar called the Copasetic Lounge.

  5. Mark

    Pop shoppe was the best! I remember it as a kid growing up in the Heights. Lime Rickey was one of the flavors. But the Cream soda was my favorite. No cream soda today compares.

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