Hail To The Chief

The News Tribune attic contains files of photos and clippings from two visits John F. Kennedy made to Duluth – once as a presidential candidate in September 1960, and again as president in September 1963, two months before he was assassinated. Here is a photo from the second visit (caption below):

President John F. Kennedy shakes hands with Clarence Maddy, assistant to the mayor, on Superior Street in front of the Hotel Duluth in September 1963. (Karl Jaros / News Tribune)


And here are images of portions of the News Tribune’s stories covering that visit, which included a speech at UMD:


On the edge of some of the news clippings – but not saved in its entirety – is a story about Mr. Magoo, a mongoose at the Duluth Zoo, who was "granted a reprieve from execution" by Kennedy’s Interior Secretary, Stewart Udall. Apparently Udall, who was traveling with Kennedy, asked how the mongoose was doing. I’ll see if I can dig up the full story on another trip upstairs.

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  1. Gary

    Mr. Magoo WAS the name of the Mongoose at the Zoo.
    I think he is still there, but in a position as to where he can not move. STUFFED. Sam Meida at the Zoo would be the one to talk to. He’s now the Exutive Dir.

  2. Gary Kelleher

    I was lined up in front of the OLD Lowell School, now Lakehead Christian Academy on Central Entrance when the motorcade came by on a drizzly day. My father, Paul was taking 8mm film of the arrival and captured JFK on film. I still have the film. ALSO, the next day…sunny and Air Force One took off from the Duluth Airport…all on 8mm film.

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